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St.Cyr "Tha Studio" (Official Video)

Finally, Boon League‘s St.Cyr drops his visuals for “Tha Studio” off his CROWN AND COKE EP available for download now.


Just Blackk “What The Hell” (MP3, CDQ, DOWNLOAD)

Here is the new single “What The Hell” from Boon League‘s, Just Blackk. Be sure to support and READ MORE for the download link.


St.Cyr "Tha Studio" (MP3)

Big shout out to the Boon League homie St.Cyr out of Spring Valley, California as he drop his latest single off his CROWN & COKE EP. Respect to Phife Dawg of ATCQ for the co-sign at the beginning of the track. Stay tuned for the official video coming soon.



St.Cyr – Hold Up (Re-Produced by B’OnTheBeat) (MP3, CDQ, DOWNLOAD)

Big shout out to the homie St.Cyr out of Spring Valley, California for droppng his latest Jackin 4 Beat’s record “Hold Up.” Combined with B’OnTheBeat and his reproduction skills, this one is a nice one and should be added to your playlist!



It’s about time. Coming out of San Diego, CA it’s TreyPeezy.com with his dropping his second edition of Boon League team with their latest album entitled “2“. If you missed their first edition check it here. But now it’s time to get to some grown up Hip Hop with lyrical content featuring production from B’OnTheBeat, Jehf Slaps, Quad, Mehr & KajmirBeats. I dare you to click play, enjoy! Log onto BoonLeague.com for more.


01. Intro

02. Lavish Life (ft. Nolan Rashawn, St.Cyr, Mike O, 5 Star The General, Jaywat, Nard & D-Rough) [Produced by Jehf Slaps]

03. On My Shit (ft. Mr. Milky, Mike O, 5 Star The General, St.Cyr & Dubz)[Produced by Cardo]

04. Rhyme Tight (ft. Jaywat, St.Cyr, Dubz, Just Blackk & Kid Kill) [Produced by B'OnTheBeat]

05. Electricution (ft. Jaywat, Phat Mac, St.Cyr & Mr. Milky) [Produced by B'OnTheBeat]

06. Bad Bitch (ft. Mike O, 5 Star The General, Jaywat, St.Cyr, Nard, Knowledge & D-Rough [Produced by KajmirBeats]

07. Whatever You Like (ft. Chelly Jane, Mike O, 5 Star The General & Jaywat) [Produced by Quad]

08. No No (ft. Mr. Milky, Dubz & Jaywat) [Produced by B'OnTheBeat]

09. Blow (ft. Jaywat, St.Cyr, Slice, & Dubz) [Produced by B'OnTheBeat]

10. All Day Sex (ft. FranSing, Dubz, Mr. Milky & Jaywat) [Produced by B'OnTheBeat]

11. Celebration (ft. St.Cyr, Slice, Jaywat, Tha Element & D-Rough) [Produced by Mehr]

Boon League "No No" (ft. Mr. Milky, Dubz & Jaywat)
[Produced by B'OnTheBeat]

Boon League - Slight Work (ft. Nard & Slice of BC, Mike O, Jaywat & St.Cyr) (MP3, CDQ, DOWNLOAD)
[Prod. by Diplo]

TreyPeezy.com Presents BOON LEAGUE [ALBUM 2012]

You may have been curious after hearing or seeing the words BOON LEAGUE on facebook/twitter for the past several months, Well question no more as TreyPeezy.com presents his debut ALBUM entitled BOON LEAGUE, ft. Nard & Slice of BC, St.Cyr, singer/music composer Brian Carlos, engineer/prodcer/MC Jaywat, 5 Star The General, Mike O, D-Rough, and more. Also, including production from 9th Wonder, Marlon Wilson, J. Dilla, The Beat Hero & more.

CD in the Mail :: $7.51 + Free (3 Day) Shipping


01. So Cali (ft. Nard & Slice of BC, St.Cyr, 5 Star The General & Jaywat)
[Prod. by Scarecrow Beats]

02. Ace Of Spade Music (ft. 5 Star The General, Slice of BC & Nilaja)
[Prod. by Tone P.]

03. Down (ft. St.Cyr, Jaywat, Nard & Slice of BC)
[Prod. by Marlon Wilson]

04. Nighty Night (ft. Nard & Slice of BC, Jaywat & D-Rough)
[Prod. by The Beat Hero]

05. Hip Hop Nation (ft. Jaywat, D-Rough & St.Cyr)
[Prod. by Kajmir Beats]

06. Stash House (ft. Jaywat, Nard of BC & 5 Star The General)
[Prod. by Paul Cabbin]

07. In My System (Smokers Interlude) (ft. Arjae Knox, Jaywat, Slice of BC & St.Cyr)
[Prod. by The Hook Beats]

08. One Night (ft. Brian Carlos, St.Cyr, Jaywat & Nard of BC)
[Prod. by 9th Wonder]

09. Dorothy Dandridge (ft. Jaywat)
[Prod. by The Beat Hero]

10. Listen To My Demo (ft. Jaywat, St.Cyr, Nard & Slice of BC)
[Prod. by Jehf Slaps]

11. Slight Work (ft. Nard & Slice of BC, Mike O, Jaywat & St.Cyr)
[Prod. by Diplo]

12. My Team Winning (ft. Cory Jones, Jaywat, Slice of BC, St.Cyr & Mike O)
[Prod. by Urben Beats]

13. Much More (ft. St.Cyr, Jaywat, Slice & Nard of BC)
[Prod. by J. Dilla]

14. Check Out Time 2012 (ft. Darla, Jaywat, Nard & Slice of BC)
[Prod. by Jaywat]



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